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The Advanced Team

AMIC's management team members have been in the business of originating, underwriting, and servicing mortgages in the secondary mortgage market segments in Ontario for more than 20 years. These qualifications and experience put the management team in an advantageous position to provide AMIC and its shareholders with related management, administrative, mortgage lending and financing services.

The management team members have extensive experience in property management, mortgage lending and investment banking and also have established relationships with experienced owners, builders, developers and others active in the real estate industry.

AMIC Officers

Michael Hapke, BA, AMP

Michael Hapke, BA, AMPDealing RepresentativePresident, Chief Executive Officer and Director

Frank Napolitano, AMP

Frank Napolitano, AMPVice President

Terri-Lyn Mason

Terri-Lyn MasonVP Finance

Advanced Alternative Lending Team (Mortgage Origination and Administration)

Jennifer AndersonDealing Representative (ACC), Senior Underwriter and Investor Relations(AMIC and AAL)

Anisa lancione

Anisa LancioneDealing Representative (ACC),Director, Alternative Lending (AMIC and AAL)

Andrew Malheiro

Andrew MalheiroManager, Compliance

Isabelle Anderson

Isabelle Anderson Chief Compliance Officer & Dealing Representative (ACC), Compliance Officer (AMIC and AAL) 



Related and Connected Entities

The following corporations are related and connected entities by virtue of common ownership and control:

  • Advanced Mortgage Investment Corp. (AMIC) - exempt market issuer
  • Advanced Capital Corp. (ACC) - exempt market dealer and agent for AMIC
  • Advanced Alternative Lending (AAL) - licenced mortgage administrator and manager for AMIC
  • Mortgage Brokers City Inc. (MBCI) - licenced mortgage brokerage

Please refer to the full relationship disclosure document provided by your ACC dealing representative for more information. The Offering Memorandum also includes information about the relationship between the corporations. Financial transactions betwen the related parties are fully disclosed in the Corporation's audited financial statements and are governed by the agency and management agreements as approved by the AMIC board of directors.

The AMIC board of directors (among other corporate governance duties) oversees and reviews the annual renewal of the management agreement between AMIC and AAL and of the agency agreement between AMIC and ACC. 

  • Board chair Ken Alger, Joanne Livingtson, Bill Harrington and Kimberley McKenney are independent directors of AMIC in that they are not officers or control persons of AAL, ACC or MBCI. Their sole role is as director of AMIC.
  • AMIC president and CEO Michael Hapke and Sheri Creese are control persons in addition to their role as director of AMIC:
    • Michael Hapke is an officer and control person of AMIC, ACC, AAL and MBCI.
    • Sheri Creese is a control person of AMIC by virtue of being a common shareholder. AMIC common shareholders elect the board of directors.
    • Sheri Creese is also a control person of AMIC, ACC, AAL and MBCI by virtue of being a signing officer.