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Are you feeling "Nostalgic" for higher yields?

Are you feeling "Nostalgic" for higher yields?

Advanced Mortgage Investment Corporation (or "AMIC") was pleased to have the opportunity to co-sponsor Nostalgia Festival in Ottawa from August 21 to 24 alongside our sister company Mortgage Brokers City Inc. (The companies are related and connected by virtue of common ownership and control.)

As much as the Nostalgia Festival was about looking back to the past, we're also looking to the future here at Advanced. We work hard to deliver predictable returns and pride ourselves on offering a truly local investment to our Ottawa clients.

We hope you will spend a few minutes on our site learning more about AMIC and exempt market products. AMIC may not be a suitable investment for you: contact one of the registered dealing representatives at Advanced Capital Corp. (or ACC, the registered exempt market dealer that is agent for AMIC) for more information. ACC and AMIC are also related and connected by virtue of common ownership and control.

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AMIC investors who reinvest their dividends in full each month have seen their shares grow steadily and without the volatility of exchange-traded investments.

As of August 31, 2018, AMIC investors who invested $10k at inception, made no new investments and reinvested their dividends in full each month achieved a compounded annual rate of return of over 7.8%.

Let's take a look at that $10k investor's actual returns over time.

The following chart shows the results achieved by an actual AMIC investor who invested $10,000 at inception (August 28, 2014). This investor has opted to reinvest 100% of their dividends in AMIC shares on a monthly basis. Past results are not indicative of future performance.

  • The investor's initial $10,000.00 investment has grown to $14,100.93 as of July 31, 2019.
  • This investor's life-to-date investment rate of return (time-weighted) is 7.147% -- and that's before the routine August 31, 2019, and fiscal 2019 top-up dividends are paid. 
  • The investor's shares have grown by 41.009% in 4.93 years.

This chart shows this investor's actual returns from inception to July 31, 2019.